Meet The Team

The Day-to-Day Movers & Shakers

Donna Thornhill-Alston, a Brooklyn Native is a Community Advocate and retired N.Y.C.Department of Correction Officer that committed 30 years to serving the disenfranchised jail population. Despite having a Bachelor of Science in Community Health, she attributes much of her education to the School of Hard Knocks (Riker’s Island). While working in the justice system, Donna became passionate about helping others, and particularly interested in embracing, cultivating, and making a difference in the lives of the youth.

Throughout her career, she spent time as an instructor in the N.Y.C. Department of Correction Academy, teaching new recruits, keeping in-service Officers up to date with new procedures within the department, and CPR training. She spent 20 years working with female inmates both adult and adolescents, which is where she developed her love and compassion for supporting young women. She has spent years playing mother, social worker, advocate, and encouraging both women and girls to love themselves and fuel their lives with faith,confidence, and integrity.

Her goal is to continue to support the youth through shining a light on social movements and being involved in organizations that inspire, empower, and celebrate women and girls in underrepresented communities. In her free time she enjoys traveling the world and serving women anywhere she goes. Her motto is ” Girls can’t be what they can’t see.” Currently, Donna is living, loving and appreciating life to the fullest and in that order!