Meet The Team

The Day-to-Day Movers & Shakers

Kimberly Grant is a seasoned experiential marketing and brand strategist with 10+ years in the media and entertainment industry.  She has been successful at building live event franchises that have generated incremental revenue streams, increased brand awareness and affinity all while touching and inspiring consumers through creative and innovative programming and content.

Currently Grant is the Special Projects Director at COSMOPOLITAN and SEVENTEEN magazines where she develops and implements integrated experiential marketing strategies for both brands. Additionally she oversees the creation, planning, production and execution for all brand live events and conferences that generate upwards of 1MM in revenue.

In addition to her work, Grant is extremely passionate about mentoring and supporting young women.  She believes it is imperative that they receive the proper tools, education and support in order to live the life of their dreams as well as to be change agents in their own households, communities and the world at large.  Her vision is ultimately to create a world where everyone lives in abundance, contribution and love where the possibilities are endless for everyone.